Monday, March 14, 2016

Pi Day!!

Thank you Archimedes for Pi.  And thanks to all of the amazing healthy-eating pioneers who created recipes that my family can enjoy today!  My baking-loving son and I were so glad to whip up some yummy pies today in honor of Archimedes.  These recipes are honey-sweetened, GF, and have DF options.  We add the dairy back in, since we love raw milk and have it aplenty.  Happy Easter and Happy Pi Day!

Here are the links to my favorite recipes:

Grain-Free Pumpkin Pie Recipe (I use the filling from this recipe in the crust I have below)

We have a dairy cow, and so have a lot of raw milk products available to us, so we substitute homemade evaporated milk in place of the coconut milk in the filling.

To make Evaporated Milk from Fresh Milk:
Simmer 2.25 cups fresh milk down until it reduces to 1 cup.  Voila!  Evaporated Milk!  Who knew it was so easy?!  And it tastes way better than the canned stuff.

I prefer this GF Pie Crust:

This is a nice Apple Pie sweetened with honey:
I imagine you could sub coconut oil for the butter if you are DF.
UPDATE 11/23/16:
I now add 1/8 cup of coconut sugar to the pie filling, just the honey isn't sweet enough for me. :)

My happy helper

 Apple Pie

Chocolate Mint Pie (I'm working to get permission to post this recipe)